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Optex BA 06 TA

Non-Contact Thermometer - BA-06-TA

  • Measuring Range 0 ~ 500°C
  • A built-in coaxial laser marker allows you to easily target a measuring object.
  • Field of View ø 6 / 200 mm
  • Optex's Built-In2 Thermo-Hunter is the first non-contact thermometer of its class to incorporate a digital display.
  • E-Teach Function For Automatic Adjustment of the Emissivity Ratio.
  • Measuring Accuracy ±1% of reading value or ±2°C

For more detailed information: (OptexBA-06-TA.pdf: 329k)

Optex BA 30 TA

Non-Contact Thermometer - BA-30-TA

  • Measuring Range 0 ~ 500°C
  • A built-in coaxial laser marker allows you to easily target a measuring object.
  • Field of View ø 30 / 1000 mm
  • Response Time 500 ms / 90%
  • Water Resistance IP65
  • Measuring Accuracy ±1% of reading value or ±2°C
  • Example: Temperature control of an automobile's paint coating
  • Example: Temperature display of paper adhesion and dryness.

For more detailed information: (OptexBA-30-TA.pdf: 329k)

Other products available for specialist applications.




305 Thermometers

  • Rugged design incorporating rubber boot
  • Large LCD display
  • Accurate to 0.3%
  • Display °C & F°
  • 0.1° display
  • Front panel offset adjustment
  • Displays maximum reading and data hold
  • Universal mini plug to accept many standard thermocouple designs

For more detailed information: (Thermo305.pdf: 136k)


Optex QT-3

  • Measuring range: -22~110C
  • Response time: 1 second
  • Accuracy: ±2.5% of reading or ±2.5ºC
  • Spot ratio: f10/10mm (D : S = 1: 1)
  • Emissivity: 0.95 (fixed)
  • Ambient Temp: 0 ~ 50ºC
  • Storage Temp: -20 ~ 65ºC
  • Weight: Approximately 35g (including battery)

For more detailed information: (Optex-qt-3.pdf: 270k)


Optex PT2

  • Measuring temperature range
  • PT-2 series : -40~510°C, PT-02 series : -40~200°C
  • Quick response 0.8sec (PT-2 series)
  • Display resolution 0.1°C (PT-02 series)
  • Measurement area : 100/1000mm
  • Large, easy-to-view LCD display

For more detailed information: (PT2.pdf: 543.28k)


Optex PT3

  • Measuring temperature range: -20~400ºC
  • Auto Back-light ON/OFF (display)
  • 200g lightweight/portable telephone size
  • Quick response 1.5 sec

For more detailed information: (PT3.pdf: 421.84k)


Optex PT3S

  • ø 2.5mm spot measurement
  • Analogue output
  • Normal & Max hold function
  • Pen type, light-weight
  • Display range: -30~230ºC
  • LED spot marker and audible focusing guide
  • Auto power off

For more detailed information: (PT3s.pdf: 192.44k)


Optex PT5LD

  • Waterproof - No dust comes inside body
  • 99-Point Data Memory
  • 0.7 seconds response time
  • Up to 500ºC measuring
  • 200g in weight

For more detailed information: (PT-5LD.pdf: 643.07k)


Optex PT7LD

  • Hi/Lo Alarm: Buzzer & LED
  • 99-Point Data Memory
  • Nomal/Continuous mode
  • Measuring Range: -30.0 to 200.0°C
  • Resolution: 0.1° C/° F
  • Quick Response: 0.7sec.

For more detailed information: (PT-7LD.pdf: 80.96k)


Optex PT80 (with USB output)

  • -30.0~600.0ºC
  • Coaxial laser marker
  • High/Low alarm
  • Large LED indicator
  • Max/Min display
  • Protective case

Optex VF 3000

  • 400.0~3000.0ºC
  • Repeatability: ± 1º C
  • Field of view: ø 20/4000mn
  • Response: 2000msec
  • Continuous measuring mode
  • Hi/Lo alarm
  • Light weight: 350g

For more detailed information: (vf-3000.pdf: 1.92 MB)


Other products available for specialist applications.




  • Indicating Controllers
  • Heating & Cooling Controllers
  • Motorized Valve Controllers
  • Pattern Program Controllers
  • Limit Controllers

For more detailed information: (UT100_E.pdf: 310k)

Yokogawa UT100

YOKOGAWA Green Series

  • Indicating Controllers (UT 130/150/320/350/420/450/520/550/750)
  • Process Controllers US 1000
  • Program Controllers UP350/550/750
  • Indicators with Alarms UM330/350

For more detailed information: (Green Series01E1.pdf: 1.08 MB)

Yokogawa Green

Crouzet Millenium II Logic Controller

  • 27 preprogrammed functions are available for counting, timing, comparison, multiplexing, time-based programming and display, etc.
  • Millenium II+ integrates the largest function library on the market, now enhanced with even more functions (high-speed counting, tachometer, PID temperature controller, data storage, etc). In addition, Crouzet can also design functions specific to your requirements.

For more detailed information: Crouzet M2 PDF 2.31 MB 

Crouzet II

Other products available for specialist applications.



Yokogawa Paperless Recorders


 AX 100

AX 100

  • Universal input, high speed model
  • Variety of displays: trend, bar graph, digital, overview, historical, information displays
  • High breakdown voltage solid state relay, signal conditioner chip and battery free flash memory
  • PC software for quick and easy analysis, conversion and printing

For more detailed information: (AX100.pdf: 412K)

 FX 100

FX 100

  • 5.5’’ TFT color LCD display with wide viewing angle
  • Universal input and optional inputs (pulse and Pt1000 input)
  • Up to 50 VDC direct input, no need of external voltage divider
  • Up to 12 analog input channels
  • 4 display groups and 6 channels per group: Freely assignable measurement and mathematical channels

For more detailed information: (Yoko-FX100.pdf: 412K)


CX 1000

  • Single loop control, cascade control, two-input switching control
  • Continuous PID control, relay ON/OFF control, time-proportionate PID control, overshoot control function (Super)
  • Program patterns: 4 max (/PG1) or 30 max (/PG2)
  • Segments: Max 99 per pattern, Total segments: 300 max

For more detailed information: (CX1000-2000.pdf: 412K)

Yokogawa Chart Recorders

 Micro 1000

1000 Series

  • Large display 10 x 18 mm LEDs
  • Super-compact (depth is only 220 mm)
  • 1-pen, 2-pen, 3-pen and 6-dot models
  • Universal input [voltage, thermocouple, RTD, and operation-recording (contact) input]

For more detailed information: (SR1000-Specs.pdf: 136k)


Micro 1000/1800 Series

  • Splash-proof door for enhanced resistance to environmental conditions
  • Fast dot-printing model – 6 points in 10 seconds
  • Universal input circuits handle voltage, thermocouple, RTD, and operation-recording (contact) inputs
  • Large bright dot-matrix display for measurement data and engineering units

For more detailed information: (mr1000.pdf: 674k)


Intech Mini Packs Chart Recorder Replacment Packages

Recorder Features:

  • Real-time line graphs and data screens
  • Batch & continuous recording
  • Mathematical blocks
  • Totalising in engineering units
  • Total hours run facility
  • Data logs to printer
  • ISO 9000 support
  • Data storage to disk
  • Help screens
  • Historical search & retrieval
  • Toolbar support
  • History replay
  • Function key support
 Minipack 16

Mini Pack 16

  • 16 configurable inputs
  • 3 digital inputs
  • 2 alarm outputs

For more detailed information: (intech-mini-packs.pdf: 339k)

 Minipack 32

Mini Pack 32

  • Two pcs 2100-A15
  • 32 configurable inputs
  • 6 digital inpurts
  • 4 alarm outputs

For more detailed information: (intech-mini-packs.pdf: 339k)

Other products available for specialist applications.



SensorsThermo Hunter designs, engineers and manufactures sensors in sizes starting at 0.040"/1mm diameter with probe configurations available in over 30,000 combinations of mounting styles suitable for applications from laboratory to large industrial environments. We offer a complete system approach, from sensor to transmitter, to provide a single source to satisfy your temperature sensing needs. It's one more way we give you exactly what you want and make it easier than ever.

With collectively over 35 years of experience in the production of the highest quality Thermocouples and RTD's in Australia we have and will continue to satisfy the needs of our customers by using the finest materials and exacting standards. Our sensors are widely utilised throughout Australia and we have developed a well earned reputation for supplying unsurpassed, Australian Made, sensors for virtually any temperature sensing application.

For more detailed information: (TH-Basic-Sensor-Book.pdf: 1.6mb)


Thermo Hunter thermocouples are available in a wide range of thermocouple material types and are available in both standard and custom configurations to meet your specific installation requirements, from bare wire for fast response, metal sheath magnesium oxide insulated configurations for vibration/shock environments, to noble metal thermocouples configured with ceramic tubewells for extended life at high temperatures (up to 4,200° F/2300° C), with accuracies to standard or special limits of error.


Thermo Hunter offers a complete line of dependable, ruggedized RTDs, ranging from thin film platinum sensors to wire wound sensor configurations available in platinum, nickel and copper. We can provide the RTD configuration to suit your specific needs, from trimmable RTDs, which provide added field installation flexibility, to fast response RTDs, for applications where response time is critical.

ThermowellsThermo Hunter offers a full line of thermowells for applications from petrochemical to sanitary environments. Thermo Hunter thermowells are found in power plants, chemical plants, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, refineries, food service and pharmaceutical industries. From standard to custom designs, we can provide a thermowell to meet your requirements.

We stock a comprehensive range of Thermocouples and RTD's. Custom Sensors are manufactured to almost any specification for prompt deliver Australia Wide.

Please e-mail your requirement or fax us on (02) 9707 3766.

Other products available for specialist applications.



Thermocouple Wire

ThermocoupleThermocouple wire or extension grade wire is recommended to be used to connect thermocouples to the sensing or control instrumentation. The conditions of measurement determine the type of thermocouple wire and insulation to be used. Temperature range, environment, insulation requirements, response, and service life should be considered. Also available in PVC, Teflon, stainless steel braid, fibreglass and Mineral Insulated Metal Sheath.





For more detailed information:
(T-Couple-Wire.pdf: 145k)
(T-Couple-Colour-Chart.pdf: 42k)

  • Uninsulated Fine Diameter Wire in J, K, T, E, N, R, S, G, C and D Calibrations
  • Duplex Insulated in Thermocouple and Extension Grades with Standard and Special Limits of Error
  • Twisted/Shielded Wire for Electrically Noisy Applications, to Maintain Electrical Ground from Probe Sheath to Instrumentation
  • Stainless Steel, Inconel and Tinned Copper Overbraiding
  • Multipair Extension Cable
  • Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed Cable


  • PlugsConnectors in Both Standard and Miniature Sizes
  • 3-Prong Connectors for Grounded Thermocouples, RTDs and Thermistors
  • 2 and 3-Pole Selector Switches for Up to 40 Positions

Other products available for specialist applications.



Intech Nomad Data Loggers – HR Series



  • Single temperature Logger
  • Internal temperature sensor, range –30 ~ 70° C

For more detailed information: (T-HR.pdf: 32k)



  • Humidity and temperature, range –30 ~ 70° C
  • Humidity and internal temperature sensor

For more detailed information: (HT-HR.pdf: 55k)



  • Humidity and dual temperature, range –30 ~ 70° C
  • Humidity, one internal & one external temperature sensor

For more detailed information: (THT-HR.pdf: 44k)



  • Thermocouple Types: K, J, T, N, R with cold junction compensation
  • One internal and one external temperature sensor
  • Internal temperature sensor, range –30 ~ 70° C
  • ExternalThermocouple Probe

For more detailed information: (Tc-HR.pdf: 46k)



  • Type K temperature bead probe for Tc-HR
  • 2m pvc type K cable with mini plug


  • Dual temperature. Pt100
  • One internal and one external temperature sensor
  • Internal temperature sensor, range –30 ~ 70° C
  • External temperature sensor, Pt100, range –60 ~ 220° C

For more detailed information: (Pt-HR.pdf: 87k)



  • Pt100 temperature probe for Pt-HR
  • 4.7x100mm SS probe with 2m tefzel cable

m V-HR m V-HR Lead

  • Milli-volt Logger, range 0 ~ 100m V DC
  • Test Lead Set

For more detailed information: (mV-HR.pdf: 84k)



  • Water level and Temperature Logger
  • Water level, 4 ranges
    • 0~0.5m.W T-0.5
    • 0~1.0m W T-1.0
    • 0~1.5m W T-1.5
    • 0~2.0m W T-2.0

pH -HR

  • pH with temperature compensation.
  • For use with a Pt100 temperature compensated pH probe (not included)

For more detailed information: (pH-HR.pdf: 38k)



  • 4 Input General Purpose Logger.
  • 3 Analogue inputs–individually configurable
  • 1 Digital pulse input channel
  • Standard External Sensors and Plug Sets for G P-HR & Safe T
  • One voltage or current
  • One external temperature
  • Two external temperatures (GP-HR only)
  • Three external temperatures (GP-HR only)
  • Temperature and external humidity
  • Combined external temperature and humidity (GP-HR only)
  • Temperature and external pressure
  • Combined external temperature and pressure (GP-HR only)
  • Temperature and external light/solar energy
  • Temperature and external anemometer (wind speed)
  • Three 4~20mA inputs (GP-HR only)

For more detailed information: (GP-HR.pdf: 66k)



Omni Log Software and Computer Cable

Please specify one of the following download cables;

  • DLC1-M S Micro ToT and SafeT
  • DLC3-HR All latest Mark 3HR Loggers
  • DLC2-DL old DL and old HR loggers

Other products available for specialist applications.

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INTECH Data Logging and SCADA Software

  • High perfomance Windows application
  • Feature packed recorder
    • Real time trending and data screens
    • Alarm and event handling
    • Historical retrieval and analysis
    • Mathematical blocks
    • Batch Processing support
  • Help screens
  • ISO 9000 support
  • Live mimic screens for operator interfaces
  • Intech remote stations and PLC support
  • Networking made easy
  • DDE support
  • MicroScan is a complete Windows-based SCADA software product, meeting the demands of industrial, commercial and research environments.
  • Start off small with the worlds best ‘Recorder Module’ for QA, mandatory data collections, plus plant-wide monitoring, or jump straight into a full system with Recorder and Mimic (MMI) modules.

For information: (MicroScan_Brochure.pdf: 1.1mb)



Winery monitoring control system

  • Designed by winemakers exclusively for the wine industry
  • Modular in design makes expansion a breeze
  • Simple user interface anyone can use
  • Network to all of your computers
  • Failsafe, keeps running when your computer has stopped
  • Scaleable to any size winery
  • Share your data with any other program
  • Non-centralized concept makes installation and expansion cost effective
  • Connect to mutable wineries
  • Interface to your own database or use with built-in system
  • Pneumatic option integrated into our panels
  • Annual upgrades keep you up to date with the latest technologies

For detailed information: (VinWizard.pdf: 1.35mb)




Patos Calibrator 125

  • Input/Output 11 types of thermocouples
  • Internal/External temperature reference
  • Easy type in number operation

For more detailed information: (Patos125.pdf: 147k)


Yokogawa CA71

  • Source and measure operations can be performed at the same time. (Select from the following source signal and measurement signal options: voltage, current, resistance, thermocouple (TC), resistance temperature detector (RTD), frequency, pulse)
  • AC voltages, including supply voltage, can be measured
  • Includes a wide array of additional functions
  • Easy operation
  • Compact size and lightweight

For more detailed information: (CA71-E.pdf: 748k)






  • High longterm stability
  • Excellent resistance to pressure peaks
  • Small and rugged construction
  • Built-in filter EMC, IEC 61000

For more detailed information: (8891.pdf: 752k)


8498 Ecotrans

  • Supply voltage 24 VAC or 24 VDC
  • Economical
  • Optimum media compatibility
  • Integrated pressure peak damping
  • EMC Protection, CEI 61000
  • Absolute or relative measurement

For more detailed information:(ECO_8498.pdf: 715k)





PRetop 5331A

  • RTD, TC, Ohm, or mV input
  • Extremely high measurement accuracy
  • Version with galvanic isolation
  • Programmable sensor error value
  • For DIN form B sensor head mounting

For more detailed information: (5331A.pdf: 174k)


PRetop 5333A

  • RTD or Ohm input
  • High measurement accuracy
  • 3-wire connection
  • Programmable sensor error value
  • For DIN form B sensor head mounting

For more detailed information:(5333A.pdf: 130k)


PRetop 5334A

  • TC input
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Programmable sensor error value
  • For DIN form B sensor head mounting

For more detailed information: (5334A.pdf: 126k)



• DC Signals • Bridge • Resistance • Potentiometer • RTD • Thermocouple • AC Current • Humidity



  • Input and output ranges are field programmable
  • Bi-polar – Input and output signals
  • 1.6 kV isolation
  • 0.1% accuracy
  • Universal power supply, 3 optional ranges
    • High 70 ~ 270V AC and 80 ~ 380V DC
    • Medium 24 ~ 80V AC and 20 ~ 90V DC
    • Low 8 ~ 20V AC and 8 ~ 30V DC
  • Plug-in – DIN rail mount base
  • Special calibration available

For more detailed information: (PI-Short-Form.pdf: 814k)



  • Output, 4 ~ 20 mA loop powered
  • 2 kV isolation
  • 0.1% accuracy
  • 40 ~ 200mV output test signal
  • LED indication of loop current
  • Special calibration available

For more detailed information: (LPI-Short-Form.pdf: 517k)



  • Output, 4 ~ 20 mA loop powered
  • 2 kV isolation
  • 0.1% accuracy
  • 40 ~ 200mV output test signal
  • LED indication of loop current
  • Special calibration available
  • Non-isolating

For more detailed information: (LPN-Short-Form.pdf: 280k)


Micro 2100-Series

Each input is user selectable in Micro Scan version 4 software to any of the following:

  • Thermocouple, RTD (Pt100/Pt 1000), mA, mV, volts
  • 16 analogue differential inputs (RTD single ended)
  • 4 digital inputs, for counting or on/off status
  • 2 relay outputs, for control or alarm functions
  • 2 analogue outputs
  • Comms – RS485 or RS422 selectable, RS 232 optional
  • Input expansion, up to four 16 input 2100-M units
  • Output expansion, one 16 relay 2100-R unit
  • Radio modem compatible
  • Memory expansion for ‘stand alone’ logging etc.
  • 16 resident ‘computer free’ on-board controllers. Use with the two on-board relays or the 2100-R unit.

For more detailed information: (2100-Family.pdf: 153k)



Temperature Calibration Laboratory

Temperature Calibration services offered by Thermo Hunter are NATA accredited and cover a broad range of electrical and mechanical instrumentation, including platinum resistance and liquid-in-glass thermometers, thermocouples and thermocouple systems, fixed and handheld infrared pyrometers and temperature indicators.

For customers requiring very rapid turnaround times Thermo Hunter also offers an advanced booking service. Our convenient service extends to removal and replacement of Online Instruments requiring calibration. We also offer field service Calibration throughout New South Wales.

Each instrument calibrated by Thermo Hunter receives a traceable certificate stating the temperature, as well as the instrument indication (or output) and the appropriate measurement uncertainties.

The laboratory covers temperature calibration in the range -80C to 1300C.

Uncertainties vary depending on the instrument under calibration, the method used and the calibration temperature.




AF Series

  • Direct coupled spring return actuator, 133 in-lb minimum torque (15Nm), approximately 33 sq. ft.
  • Variable control input with MFT.
  • Electronic overload protection throughout rotation.
  • Visual position indicator.

For more detailed information: (Belimo-AF.pdf: 412K)


LF Series

  • Actuator Centers on 1/2” shaft. (K6-1, 3/4” clamp optional)
  • True mechanical spring return – the most reliable failsafe.
  • Mount for clockwise or counterclockwise fail-safe.
  • Easy-to-adjust mechanical stop to limit damper rotation.

For more detailed information: (Belimo-LF.pdf: 412K)


LM Series

  • Brushless DC Motor for added accuracy and controllability.
  • Check damper position from a distance with clear position indication.
  • Consistent running time independent of load.
  • Easily accessible manual override push-button helps you pre-tension damper blades.

For more detailed information: (Belimo-LM.pdf: 412K)

Other products available for specialist applications.